Whisky Shops

“There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” - Raymond Chandler

Whisky maybe the best souvenir you could bring home. There is certainly a lot of choice in Edinburgh. Here are our top pics.


Old and independent, supplying rare and unusual whisky.

Cadenhead's is Scotland oldest independent bottler of whisky. They specialise in rare and unusual whisky as well as other spirits. You will find Cadenhead on the Canongate which is one of the sections the Royal Mile. They stock whisky from all the main regions of Scotland. Cadenhead also make their own gin and barrel aged rum. They bottle some of the whiskies straight from the barrel in shop. As a result of the wide selection of spirits and knowledgeable staff it can be busy at times.

Loch Fyne Whisky

Single malts, single casks and even... living casks?

Loch Fyne Whisky is on Cockburn Street.  This is just off of the Royal Mile.  They stock a large collection of classic and hard to find whiskies in contrast to more generic whisky shops.  What certainly separates Loch Fyne from other shops is their “Living Cask”.  The Living Cask is their own blended whisky.  This is an ever-evolving whisky that regularly has new bottlings.  Their home-made whisky liquors are delicious and sweet because of this they are a great gift for people new to whisky.  At Loch Fyne you will find something for whisky newbies through to whisky sommeliers.  As a result of this we think it is one of the best whisky shops in town.  Well worth a visit.

Kaleidoscope Edinburgh

Both bar and shop.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society run this bar and restaurant on Queen Street. The Society specialise in single cask whisky. Many believe that single cask whisky is the purest expression of what whisky can be. This is because all the whisky in the bottle came from a single barrel. All the whisky bottled by the Society are cask strength. As a result of this their whiskies may be stronger than what you are used to drinking. Because it is stronger than a lot of other whisky a little goes a long way. Therefore, one of their whiskies is a gift that will probably last longer than other bottles of whisky.

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