Weather in Edinburgh

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing” – Billy Connolly

The Edinburgh weather will certainly keep you on your toes, we recommend you always have a jacket close to hand.

Sun, rain, wind, snow and even the not so heavenly experience of living in a cloud, Edinburgh has all sorts of weather.

Because of this, it’s best to come to this city, and our walking tours, ready for it. Our weather is also known to change multiple times a day, so be prepared to experience every season.

We agree with Billy Connolly's above quote. You should have good clothing in this city, but every type of weather brings its own unique rewards. You will be intrigued with silhouettes of church spires in the mist. In awe at the beautiful white parks in the snow. Enjoy spectacular clear and sunny views from Arthur’s Seat. Or even just appreciate the view of Edinburgh Castle with a dramatic sky behind it, which is blue, white, grey and black all at the same time.

Edinburgh, like most of Scotland, has a temperate maritime climate with cold and humid winters and mild summers. The annual average temperature is 9°C and it rains throughout the year.

Summer in Edinburgh.

The “hottest” months in Edinburgh are normally July and August. During summer, the average low temperatures are 11°C and average highs are 19°C; therefore, it is never very hot. Bear in mind Edinburgh is on the same latitude as Moscow. Although, occasionally it has reached 30°C in July and August. 

Winter in Edinburgh.

The coldest months of the year are January and February, with average lows of 1°C and highs that rarely exceed 7°C.

There is often fog and heavy precipitations in autumn and winter. Scotland’s capital is famously known as the “Windy City” because of the wind and high levels of humidity the city will often feel much cooler than the recorded temperature.

Best time to visit.

Edinburgh is appealing all year round, but if you are not a fan of the cold and rain, we certainly recommend visiting during the summer months.  This does not mean you should not visit in the winter though.  The city is quieter during the winter months which is often nice. So long as you bring a good coat and sturdy shoes you will be able to brush off most of the poor weather.

So what are you waiting for?  Pack your bags with all the clothes and enjoy your trip to this stunning city.  If the weather does turn out to be too poor to stay outside no worries, you can always join us on one of our whisky tours.

We will run tours in any weather, unless deemed dangerous to the safety of our staff and guests.

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