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Walk, bus, tram, train and bike. Edinburgh is very accessible.

Edinburgh has a small city centre, which is very walkable. You can find some great attractions which are a little further afield. Public transport is by and large excellent and accessible in the city.  See our guide bellow for more information.


Walk, bus, tram, train and bike. Edinburgh is very accessible.

Nothing in the Old Town or New Town of Edinburgh is more than a 20-minute walk away. Despite the hills, walking is definitely the best way to get around Edinburgh therefore a walking tour is the best way to see the city too. Take advantage of the beauty of this city as you move from place to place.

Wear good shoes and additionally appropriate clothing for your strolls around the city.

Furthermore, here are some ideas for excellent walks in and around Edinburgh.

• Tiny streets and hidden places steeped in history in the Old Town
• Hiking up Arthurs Seat
• Beautiful panoramas on Calton Hill
• Enjoy Nature along the Water of Leith
• Spring blossoms, summer greens, autumn colours and winter frosts in our beautiful parks
• Enjoy tranquillity in our spectacular Botanic Gardens
• Endless hiking, camping and cycling in the Pentlands


Close and easy, there are many options for travel to and from our airport.

Getting to or coming from the airport is incredibly easy in Edinburgh especially when compared to other capital cities. In short the best way is the trusty 100 bus. This takes about 30 minutes either way. It starts/finishes on South St David Street (St Andrew Square) right in the centre of the city and has a couple other useful pickup and drop-off points en route. It runs at regular intervals 24 hours a day. Find more info on pricing and routes here.

The controversial trams in Edinburgh are another good way to get to the airport. They cost slightly more than the 100. Definitely worth a try for a more futuristic feel when traveling to the airport. If nothing else, it will help offset the £55,000 the tramlines cost to put in…. per meter! Find more info on pricing and routes here.

Taxis are a convenient way to travel to and from the airport. Either way will cost around £25 but may be more at peak travel times. At the airport follow signs to find your ride in. When in town, you have the choice of the convenience and authenticity of a Black Cab or a slightly cheaper option with the private hire companies. Uber is also an ever-growing option in Edinburgh.

Busses in Edinburgh

Cheap and reliable, buses are often the best choice accessing the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Two companies (Lothian Busses and First Bus) run public busses in Edinburgh. They both charge the same tariffs, but tickets are not interchangeable, so you should take care in which company you use when purchasing day tickets. Lothian buses certainly has the larger network in town.

There are various methods to buy tickets for busses but the easiest method for people is to buy the tickets on-board. You can pay with either contactless or coins.  Drivers can not give out change. Because of this exact fares are needed. To pre purchase tickets there is also an app which you can use. Find more details about prices, routes and more for Lothian Busses and First Busses.

Trams in Edinburgh

Controversial yet useful, we have trams too.

The tramlines in Edinburgh are not as extensive as the bus routes. However, they can be useful for reaching some of the areas of Edinburgh between the airport, the city centre, and the Port of Leith. You can be purchase tickets for the tram with coins (no change) or card from the machines at the tram stops. You must purchase your tickets before boarding the tram. Find more info on routes and prices here.

Cycling in Edinburgh

Full of green paths, Edinburgh is perfect for cycling.

Although it’s a hilly city, Edinburgh can be a great city to cycle in. Cycling is not only a good way to get around the city, but Edinburgh also has some beautiful areas for some leisure cycling. What’s more, there is a great network of off road cycle paths. Because of this we think it is a fantastic way to see the city.

For all day bike hire try Biketrax.

For guided cycling tours try Ricky’s Bicycle Tours.

Great places to cycle include;

• Queen’s Drive around Holyrood Park
• Innocent Railway
• Union Canal

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