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“Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn't all a dream?” - Ashleigh Brilliant

First of all, there is no lack of souvenir shops in Edinburgh. Likewise they all sell many of the same things. Therefore, we want to suggest places a little bit different.

Cranachan and Crowdie

Locally owned with quality products. The first place we would like to point out is Cranachan and Crowdie on the Royal Mile. This locally run shop has a real passion for top end service. Because of this they offer a great selection of high quality local souvenirs and artisan food. They do made to order luxury picnic hampers.  These are great to eat in Holyrood Park when the sun is out.

The Fudge House

A decadent gift.

The Fudge House is on the Royal Mile. They have been making fresh fudge since 1949 and this means that they are now quite good at it. Because of this we think they are the best in Edinburgh. As well as Fudge they also make tablet. Tablet is the Scottish version of fudge. While being similar to fudge tablet is much sweeter! You can see the fudge being freshly made in front of you as you look over their wide selection of flavours.

Mr Woods Fossil Shop

For a unique gift why not take a little bit of Scotland home with you?

Mr Woods Fossils is on the Cowgate which is besides the Grassmarket.  Mr Wood was a world-renowned fossil hunter.  For this reason he set up his own specialised fossil shop.  Sadly he passed away in 2012 but fortunately for us his shop lives on.  Being a dedicated fossil collector in the shop you will find a large collection of fossils, rare rocks and even pieces of meteorite.  Can you think of a more unusual souvenir than a prehistoric creature? We are sure you will love this quirky little shop.

Deadhead Comics

Comics and collectables from local writers and artists.

On West Nicolson Street and has been running for over 25 years.  The shop has a lot of character and certainly has a lot of loyal customers. This has resulted in many people believing it to be the inspiration to the comedy show Black Books.  Black Books was a popular UK sit com which featured Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey.  Deadhead has a wide selection of comics and collectables.  Above all they specialise in showcasing the best of Scottish talent with a great collection of local writers and artists stocked.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

When December isn’t enough.

Finally we have the unusual Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. No matter the time of year if you are looking for a Christmas gift Edinburgh has you covered. You will find the shop on the Canongate.  Packed full of all things festive it is a year-round Christmas grotto. You will find all decorations, cards and gifts complete with a Christmas soundtrack.  Because of the soundtrack it may be the reason you find yourself singing Christmas jingles for the rest of the day.

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