Public Holidays

Our tours are always running and few things will be closed. One day a year even has free castle entry.

There are many public holidays throughout the year in Edinburgh. These holidays will usually have little effect on your trip as most attractions are open and our tours continue to run.

Most shops will be open during public holidays as they are on Sundays.

You will not however be able to go to the bank, post office or government buildings. Bus and train services will be also be reduced so this is worth checking out.

The main attraction effected by holidays is Edinburgh Castle, which has altered opening times and prices on the following dates.

January 1st – New Year’s Day – opens at 11am
30 November – St. Andrew’s Day – Free entry into the Castle (limited tickets)
25th December – Christmas Day – Castle closed
26th December – Boxing Day – Castle closed

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Amusing stroll in Edinburgh. Lovely tour, Ben being a hilarious guide, telling things you don't find in a tourist book, interesting stories, showing hidden gems. Perfect, thanks.

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