Luxury Shopping

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” – Anon

Looking for something special? From tailor made kilts to top end skin care we have you covered here.

Walker Slater

Everything Tweed

Scotland is famous for its tweed most notably Harris Tweed. As a result of this there are several tailors across Edinburgh specialising in tweed clothing. A good example is Walker Slater. Walker Slater make tailored clothing for both men and woman and have a wide selection of knit wear. You can find them on Victoria Street in their beautiful shop they also ship worldwide.

21st Century Kilts

Brave and elegant, a kilt is always a statement.

What do Vin Diesel, Lenny Kravitz and Robbie Williams all have in common? They all own a kilt designed and made by 21st Century Kilts. 21st Century Kilts have been pioneering the fashion kilt since 1999.  Branded the "Mavericks" of kilt makers due to their innovative approach to modernising the kilt. Leather, denim, tweed, camo and pinstripe are just some of the material and styles on offer. So if you are after a kilt we can think of no better tailor to visit.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company

Luxury skincare.

The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company tentatively began ten years ago.  This was when a young family sat round their kitchen table and attempted to make their first bar of soap. The results were, according to them, “less than ideal”.  Ten years later we are glad to report things have improved!  With their strong commitment to only using the best natural ingredients and making all product here in Scotland, they are now one of the top skin care companies in Edinburgh.  Luxury soaps, conditioners, oils and masks all sustainable and all natural and all found on Cockburn Street.

Multrees Walk

One stop luxury street shopping.

What do walking tours and Tesla have in common? They are both environmentally friendly. So if you fancy purchasing a new Tesla (they have a tartan version coming out soon!) or need a top up of Nespresso pods we recommend a visit to Multrees Walk. Multrees Walk offers some of the best top end shops in town. You will find brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Burberry all in one location. Multrees Walk is right beside the brand new St James Quarter so well worth a visit whilst in town.

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