“It was the haggis, a brownish lump sitting unobtrusively to one side of the plate, that drew the most riveting attention… Some people approached their haggis with extreme misgivings.” – Tom Knapp

The great chieftain o-the puddin’ race, today you can find haggis in all shapes and forms. Fried haggis at breakfast, traditional haggis neeps and tatties, perhaps you prefer haggis pizza or would you rather a haggis burrito? You can buy haggis flavoured crisps or even haggis flavoured chocolate! No matter how you try haggis just make sure you do try it.  We are certain you are going to enjoy it.  And of course, they now make vegan haggis as well.

The Arcade Bar – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday; 12 pm – 11pm; Friday-Saturday; 12 pm – 1 pm

Whilst in Scotland you must try haggis indeed it is almost mandatory.  The Arcade Bar on Cockburn Street serve up one of the best haggis meals in town furthermore they also have over 100 whiskies behind the bar.  There is a relaxed and cosy atmosphere in the Arcade.  This makes it great for relaxing after a busy day of sightseeing whilst you try our national dish.  Gluten free and vegan haggis are also available if you prefer..

Civerinos – Opening times vary depending on venue. Check online for further details.

Do you like fusion food? Turns out haggis goes well with many types of food.  For example you can find haggis nachos in town! The Civerinos family moved from Italy to Scotland after the Second World War and have been perfecting their pizza skills ever since.  Who would have thought haggis and Pizza would go so well together? The Civerinos family did and we are certainly glad that they worked out this winning combination of foods.

Bonnie Burrito – Opening times vary depending on venue. Check online for further details.

Still unsure of haggis even on nachos or pizza?  Then how about you try haggis in a burrito!  Bonnie Burrito not only do a haggis burrito but they also make a delicious Irn-Bru pulled pork.  That's right, you can have a burrito filled with both our national food and our national soft drink!  We absolutely recommend one of their burritos as the ultimate hangover cure.

The Haggis Box – Monday-Sunday; 10 am - 5 pm

Haggis, national dish of Scotland, with tatties and neeps, have it the way we locals have it. The Haggis Box at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on High St. Choose your favourite haggis neeps & tatties: Award winning Traditional Haggis or Vegan Haggis from Findlay's of Portobello with Auchentoshan whisky & mustard sauce or red wine gravy sauce. You will love it.

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