Edinburgh Overview

Here’s a basic guide to our city.

We love Edinburgh. This city has so much to offer. Full of beauty and contrasts, there is something to be found for everyone. This city guide is designed to give you a better understanding of the city and therefore a more enjoyable holiday.

This guide covers the following topics and more.

This guide covers the following topics and more.

• Useful information
• Attractions
• Museums
• Where to stay
• Shopping

The centre of Edinburgh is split in two parts, the Old Town and the New Town. These are divided by the beautiful Princes Street Gardens and Waverley Station.

The Old Town is the historic centre of Edinburgh with a legacy that goes back 3000 years. It boasts a castle, many museums and tiny streets littered with lovely cafes and restaurants. Because of its historic importance, this is where you’ll find most tours and attractions in the city.

The New Town is just North of the Old Town. This part of the city was built in the 18th and 19th Century. It is built in a grid structure and shows off some beautiful Georgian and neo-classical architecture.

On the Northern end of Edinburgh lies the port of Leith. It used to be a town in its own right, but was incorporated into The City of Edinburgh in 1920. This is a fact many Leithers would be loath to admit. With excellent restaurants, lovely cafes and some trendy bars Leith can be a fantastic place to visit.

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Old Town, History and Tales

Amusing stroll in Edinburgh. Lovely tour, Ben being a hilarious guide, telling things you don't find in a tourist book, interesting stories, showing hidden gems. Perfect, thanks.

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