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En Little Fish Tours amamos el buen café y el buen té. Se nos hace difícil imaginar uno de nuestros tours de la mañana sin un espresso o un Earl Grey. Es tanto el tiempo que pasamos en las cafeterías de la ciudad que son casi una extensión de nuestra oficina. Por este motivo y […]

Travel Blogger – Luci’s Morsels – Free Walking Tour Experience

Little Fish Tour’s Free Walking Tour was recently reviewed in a popular travel blogger’s post. Read about Luci’s full Edinburgh experience HERE! Below are her words about us in particular. FREE OLD TOWN EDINBURGH TOURSFREE EDINBURGH TOUR I’ve mentioned before that we love taking unique tours. We searched for some fun tours in Edinburgh and what […]

David Hume Simplified – A Walking Tour Guide’s Take on The Man

David Hume was a philosopher in Edinburgh in the 18th century. He is one of those incredibly complex characters whose influence has such a profound importance in so many subjects. His works are incredibly difficult to understand and even harder to simplify. As a free walking tour guide in Edinburgh, Hume’s home, I often find […]

Travel Magazine Featured article

We were proud to be recently featured in an article on Travel Magazine about the best tours in Edinburgh. Here is the link to the article: https://www.travelmag.com/articles/tours-edinburgh/