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White Hart of David I

The White Hart or White Stag (hart being an old Scots word for a dear or a stag) is a popular emblem for the City of Edinburgh.  The legend dates back to the 14th of September 1128, King David the 1st sat on the Scottish throne and he loved to hunt.  David would regularly move […]

Top 5 Edinburgh Festival Hideaways

The festival is crazy, frenetic, exciting and at times overwhelming time to visit Edinburgh. With so much happening sometimes you just want to take a moment, step back from the crowds and gather yourself before plunging back into the myriad of shows and street performances. This is our top 5 festival oases for you to […]

Maggie Dickson – A Tour Guides View

One of the stories that many of the guides like to tell on the free walking tour is the story of Maggie Dickson. Now there are as many ways to tell Maggie’s story as there are tour guides telling the tale. This is because Maggie has reached an almost mythical status here in Edinburgh similar […]